Environmental Services

Environmental Services

At Alliance we understand the need to balance environmental concerns and regulations with business realities. Since 2001 we have been providing a full range of environmental consulting services to a wide range of clients, from private industry and the public sector to private landowners. Our biologists, ecologists, and environmental professionals provide turnkey project solutions, from the field work to regulatory compliance.

Our Services:

Ecosystem Restoration

Natural Channel Restoration Design, Wetland Design, Stream Restoration/Creation Construction Services, Wetland Restoration/Creation construction services and oversight, and Stream and Wetland Post Construction Monitoring.

Endangered Species Surveys and Consultation

Mist Net Surveys, Hibernacula Emergence Counts, Habitat Assessments, Portal Assessments, Exit Trapping, and Infrared Imaging.

Geographic Information Systems

Cumulative Impact Analysis, Viewshed and Line of Sight Analysis, Watershed Analysis and Modeling, Hydrologic Modeling, Global Positioning System Services (GPS), 3D Mapping, and Land use/Land Cover Analysis.

Wetland Services

Wetland Investigations, Aerial Photography Interpretation, Wetland Delineations, Boundary GPS Surveys, Wetland Delineation Mapping, Jurisdictional Determinations (Wetland boundary confirmation), Wetland Functions and Values Assessment, and Wetland Mitigation Monitoring.

Stream Services

Stream-Type Determinations, Stream Delineations and Surveying, Boundary GPS Surveys, Jurisdictional Determinations (stream boundary confirmation) , Stream Flow Monitoring, and Stream Flow Remediation.

Army Corps of Engineers (Section 404) and Department of Environmental Protection Permitting (Section 401)

Section 404 Permits: Nationwide Permits, Individual Permits, Regional Permits, Section 401 Permits: Individual State 401 Water Quality Certifications, and Joint 401/404 permits (where allowed).

Water Quality and Aquatic Study Services

Fish surveys, Fisheries Monitoring and Modeling, Aquatic Insect Surveys, Water Management Plans, River Management Plans, Riparian Restoration Plans, Invasive Species Management, Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Assessments, and Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring.

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You can also direct general Environmental inquiries to environmental@aci-wv.com