Stream Services

Stream Services

Alliance's services include biological and morphological assessment of streams; natural channel design; mitigation plan preparation, permitting and agency coordination; construction oversight of channel restoration; and monitoring of project success.

We have performed hundreds of miles of stream delineations. Our personnel are familiar with many State as well as regional requirements for delineations services. To improve efficiency in conducting stream delineations, Alliance’s field scientists conduct GPS surveys of the boundaries using a differential GPS unit capable of sub-foot accuracy. Alliance personnel have the expertise to participate in Jurisdictional Determination (JD) field meetings with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to validate the delineated stream and wetland boundaries.

Our Services:

  • Stream-Type Determinations
  • Stream Delineations and Surveying
  • Boundary GPS Surveys
  • Jurisdictional Determinations (stream boundary confirmation)
  • Stream Flow Monitoring
  • Stream Flow Remediation

Our experienced personnel utilize state-of-the-art electronic flow meters having a digital display of stream velocities. Alliance is uniquely qualified in collecting flow measurement to evaluate stream flow conditions along more than 100 miles of streams with underground mining beneath/ or immediately adjacent to them. All of our stream flow measurements are performed in accordance with the United States Geologic Survey (USGS) protocol. Stream flow remediation techniques have included streambed grouting by use of hydrophobic polyurethane and the installation of low and/or high density polyethylene liners with aquatic habitat reconstruction in stream overtop these installations.

Our People:

Alliance has performed stream flow studies, prepared stream flow restoration plans, given formal presentations regarding stream flow restoration techniques and supervised field activities associated with stream remediation on numerous projects. To date our largest single project consisted of over 6,200 linear feet of remediated watercourses in a watershed in Marion County, West Virginia.

Senior Project Managers:

Project Managers:
Project Scientists:

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