Oil and Gas Services

Oil & Gas Services

Alliance has served producer and midstream clients in the Oil and Gas Industry in the Appalachian Basin. ACI has extensive experience with the state and federal environmental regulatory framework required of this industry including Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and 404 Permitting, Endangered Species, Wetland Delineations, Site Development Engineering, Environmental Inspection and much more.

The knowledge and experience of the staff at ACI can help solve problems, as well as guide and assist with State and Federal environmental compliance matters.

Specialty environmental construction services offered through our subsidiary ALL-CON, LLC.

Our Services:

Engineering and Design

Site Feasibility, Pipeline Alignment and Routing, Layout Grading and Design Services (Access Roads, Drilling Pads, Pipeline Routes, Storage Yards, Etc.)


Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans and Permitting [ESCGP and NPDES], Dam and Impoundment Permits (Freshwater and Centralized),Stream and Wetland Encroachment Permits (General Permits, PLC Permits), Army Corps of Engineers Permits (404 , Nationwide and Individual), Post-Construction Stormwater Management, Water Management Plans, Water Withdrawal Applications, Agency Correspondence (State and Federal Resource Agencies, State Historic Preservations, Etc.), Agency and Government Notifications (Act 14 and 167).

Surveying and Mapping

Construction Stakeout, As-built Surveys, Gas Well and Pipeline Staking and Plats, Pipeline Alignment Surveys, Property Boundary Surveys, Subdivision and Easement Surveys, Topographic Surveys, GIS and CADD Services

Geological and Geotechnical

Soil Borings, Geology Corehole and Pressure Testing, Piezometer and Monitoring Wells, Investigations for Bedrock Outcrops (Seep/Spring Lines, etc.), Geotechnical Analysis.


Stream and Wetland Services (Presence/Absence and Complete Delineations),Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys and Screenings (Indiana Bat Surveys, PNDI, WVDNR Wildlife Lands Inquiry, Etc.),Stream, Wetland, and Habitat Mitigation Plans, Pre-Drill Water Supply Surveys, Background Surface and Groundwater Sampling, PPC / SPCC Plans, Pre-Aquisition Due Diligence Services (Phase I, Transaction Screens, Etc.), Phase II Soil and Groundwater Investigations, Remedial Action Assistance, Regulatory Agency Negotiations, Litigation Assistance, Environmental Compliance Guidance

General Construction Monitoring and Inspection

Erosion and Sedimentation Control / Environmental Compliance Inspections, Construction Administration, Construction Monitoring, Material Backfill and Compaction Testing, Density of Soil/Soil Aggregate In-Place by Nuclear Gauge Method, Density of Bituminous Concrete (Asphalt) In-Place, Bearing Load Capacity via Pocket Penetrometer Method, Compressive Strength Testing (Concrete Specimens), Field Concrete Testing, Concrete Cylinder Preparation and Testing, Grout Testing Section 401 Permits: Individual State 401 Water Quality Certifications, Joint 401/404 permits (where permitted), and more.

Specialty Environmental Construction Services (ALL-CON,LLC)

Stream and Wetland Mitigation Construction, Stream Restoration and Relocation, Streambank Stabilization, Blockage Removal, Wetland Restoration/Construction, Habitat Restoration and Enhancement, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Maintenance.

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