Geologic and Hydrogeologic Services

Geologic and Hydrogeologic Services

Alliance offers innovative geological and hydrogeological consulting services to a diversity of commercial, industrial and governmental clients in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and other mid-Atlantic and mid-continent states. As professional geoscientists, we have earned an outstanding reputation with recognized strengths in performing geological and hydrogeological studies, aquifer characterizations, contaminant investigations, landslide evaluations, groundwater modeling for siting and expansion of solid waste disposal facilities, and the development of pre-mining and post-mining hydrogeologic conceptual models. We look forward to discussing how we can apply our extensive project experience, knowledge of regulatory issues and dedication to quality services to your next project.

Our Services:

Geological Characterizations/Subsurface Exploration Programs

We determine the most viable subsurface drilling technique based upon the project objectives and site specific conditions (Note: Our drilling and geologic logging experience includes GeoProbe®, sonic, air rotary, auger, and diamond core drilling.); Prepare drilling and sampling plans to characterize the subsurface conditions, lithologies and stratigraphy present on the study area; Coordinate all pertinent field activities and provide oversight of the drilling and sampling/laboratory analytical programs; Perform professional field logging of subsurface materials; Generate detailed geologic logs; Provide interpretation of the data by professional geoscientists; and, Prepare relevant geologic maps/cross sections and a report summarizing the findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Hydrogeological Characterizations/Studies

Our geoscientists evaluate groundwater occurrence through field investigations including: Subsurface drilling; Installation of monitoring wells/piezometers, and reconnaissance of surface seeps and springs; Identify distinctive hydrostratigraphic units; Conduct slug testing and aquifer pump testing; Characterize and quantify horizontal and vertical hydraulic gradients; Determine hydraulic conductivity values; Generate potentiometric surface mapping and determine groundwater flow direction; and, Prepare reports summarizing findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Groundwater Modeling

Alliance develops hydrogeologic conceptual models depicting site geologic characteristics, hydrostratigraphic units of relevance, preferential groundwater flow paths, flow barriers, groundwater recharge and discharge boundaries, and effects attributable to mining or other land disturbances.

Groundwater Monitoring Programs/Monitoring Well Systems

Our professional geoscientists develop a conceptual layout representing the site specific groundwater monitoring system envisioned for meeting regulatory compliance requirements for determination of groundwater flow direction and detection of potential contaminate releases from solid waste (landfill) disposal facilities or other commercial/industrial operations; Work with regulatory agencies to obtain necessary permits for system installation; Provide field supervision of the monitoring well system’s installation; Purge wells and collect samples in conformance with regulatory requirements and conventional environmental project protocol established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and, Interpret laboratory analyses and submit required reports to regulatory agencies.

Soil Contamination Investigations/Assessments and Remediation

We conduct surficial and subsurface sampling to determine the environmental integrity of soils at commercial/industrial facilities, underground storage tank (UST) sites, and other locations where suspect conditions exist; Interpret laboratory analyses; Interact with regulatory agencies; Prepare environmental site assessment/site characterization/corrective action reports; Develop Site Health and Safety Plans for remediation activities; Oversee/implement/document site clean-up and soil disposal activities; and, Prepare reports summarizing the work performed and the results of post-remediation sampling conducted for confirmation of the efficiency of the project’s remedial activities.


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