Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services

Alliance's Waste Management group provides comprehensive, cost-effective, practical services for all aspects of your solid waste management business. In these times of highly competitive markets and sweeping regulatory changes, our ability to provide current information, state-of-the-art design, high response turnaround and well established regulatory contacts will be a considerable advantage to your business. Our diverse group of experienced professionals provides services which range from initial siting through closure and have extensive knowledge regarding the regulatory, technical, economic and construction issues involved in solid waste management.

Our Services:

Facility Design and Permitting

Hydrogeologic characterization and permitting, site feasibility, facility layout and design for permitting operations, groundwater and surface water monitoring, leachate generation and management, and stormwater management.

Regulatory Liaison and Representation

Regulatory correspondence on behalf of clients, client updates on proposed regulation changes, and regulatory meeting attendance.

Hydrogeologic Investigations / Groundwater Monitoring Systems

Groundwater flow characteristics, potentiometric map development, groundwater monitoring well location and installation, and groundwater monitoring sampling and testing.

Environmental Compliance

Construction Stormwater NPDES permit applications, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPP) Plans.

Construction Plans and Bid Package Preparation

Development of construction plans, specifications and bid documents, pre-bid conference assistance, address contractor questions and issue addenda, and bid evaluation and recommendation.

Army Corps of Engineers (Section 404) and Department of Environmental Protection Permitting (Section 401)

Contract administration, quantities verification, plan and specification interpretation, pay request evaluation, materials conformance testing of soils and geosynthetics, on-site CQA and field testing of soils and geosynthetics, and Final certification reporting.

Closure Plan Design, Permitting and Construction

Closure plan design and permitting, construction plan and bid document preparation, construction contract administration, materials conformance testing of soils and geosynthetics, on-site CQA and field testing of soils and geosynthetics, and final certification report.


Our People:

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