Site Development Services

Site Development Services

Alliance offers a full range of site development design, hydraulics, permitting, inspection, and testing services that provide owners, contractors, and end users with safe, functional, and economical projects. Alliance Consulting has vast experience in the design of grading plans, utility relocation and expansion plans, drainage and storm water management plans, access roads design, parking design and layout, asphalt and concrete designs, structure siting, construction stakeout and the associated regulatory permitting required for a successful project. Reference our Environmental, Surveying, Field Services, and Laboratory pages on our site for auxiliary services Alliance can bring to your project. All services are provided in accordance with local, state, and federal codes.

Our Services:

Survey Services

Topo, Location, Construction Stake-Out, As-Built

Design Services

Site Construction Plans and Specifications including Foundations, Structural Steel, Utility Connections, Surface Drainage, Erosion and Sedimentation Control, Underground Stormwater Storage, and Pavement Design

Materials Testing

Proctors and Density Testing

Construction Inspection

Conformance with Plans and Specifications, Field Modifications


WVDOT Entrance, NPDES, Raleigh County Building, WVDOT Stormwater Discharge

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Project Managers: