Mining Services

Mining Services

The Alliance group has earned an outstanding engineering reputation in the coal fields of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois, with recognized strengths in mining, coal refuse design, abandoned mined land (AML) projects, reclamation activities, subsidence issues, acid mine drainage controls, permitting and other mining related geo-environmental activities.

Our Services:

Mine Siting and Feasibility Studies

Coal resource evaluations, mine planning and siting studies, wetland identification and mitigation designs, stream surveys, macroinvertebrate studies, and environmental and reclamation liability assessments.

Mine Permitting and Design

Surface mine permitting, deep mine surface support facility permitting, monitoring and data analysis, coal refuse disposal/reprocessing design and permitting, NPDES permitting, erosion/sediment control plans, mine drainage treatment design, hydrologic consequence evaluations, geologic/hydrogeologic investigations, probable hydrologic consequence evaluations for mining operations in high-quality watersheds, and preblast surveys/presubsidence surveys.

Mine Support Services

Mine subsidence evaluation/control projects, liquefication studies for coal refuse embankments, slope stability analysis, acid mine drainage collection and treatment design, mine construction monitoring and testing services, and rock durability analysis.

Alliance’s work in the mining industry and on sites that have been affected by previous mining has involved the following services: permitting, mine siting and reserve studies; environmental site assessments, subsidence studies and mitigation; mine opening seal designs and shaft closures; acid mine drainage collection and treatment; mine waste handling, storage, disposal and slope stability; stormwater management, erosion/sediment control plans, construction monitoring and quality assurance; wetland identification and mitigation; highwall stability and reclamation, spoil pile stability and final reclamation of slopes, roadways and ancillary facilities. From our routine interactions with state regulatory personnel, we maintain current knowledge of the regulations.

Our People:

The firm and several key personnel have worked on virtually hundreds of sites affected by coal mining in the Appalachian and Midwestern coal fields.

Senior Project Managers:
Project Managers:

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