Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Alliance maintains complete laboratory facilities to service client and industry needs. Our laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment for testing of soils, coal refuse, concrete, rock, and aggregates. Laboratory tests are conducted by qualified, experienced technicians who hold all applicable state agency certifications and work under the supervision of Professional Engineers. Our laboratory follows strict quality assurance guidelines for equipment usage and calibration. Our staff is familiar with ASTM, AASHTO, US Army Corps of Engineers, WVDOH and ACI testing standards.

Our Services:

  • Soil Classification (Atterberg Limits and Sieve Analysis)
  • Coarse Coal Refuse (Complete Theoretically Rock Corrected Proctor)
  • Moisture Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Moisture Density Relations (Proctors, Standard and Modified)
  • Sodium Sulfate Soundness
  • WVDOH Aggregate (Gradations, Atterberg Limits, Face Fractures)
  • Compressive Cylinders
  • Grout/Mortar Cubes
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Triaxle Shear
  • Direct Shear
  • Permeability (Flexible and Rigid Wall)

Our People:

Laboratory Supervisor:

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