Investigative Engineering

Investigative Engineering

Alliance offers a wide range of investigative engineering services to insurance companies, independent claim adjusters, lawyers, and industrial/commercial property owners. As professional Investigative Engineers, we apply experience, analytical skills, and academic training to resolve the technical unknowns of accidents and failures which give rise to insurance claims and litigation. Alliance's initial investigative focus is generally to determine if the loss is a result of "sudden and/or accidental" events or normal "wear and tear."

Our Services:

Asbestos Assessment
Blasting Damage
Construction Accidents
Drainage Problems
Environmental Pollution/Spills
Fire Damage Investigation
Foundation Failures
Landslides and Earth Failures
Mine Subsidence Settlement
Retaining Wall Problems
Structural Failures/Settlements
Storm Damage
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction
Water Damage

Case specific investigations include services such as:

Origin and cause, upcoding and betterment, repair/replacement management/monitoring, accident reconstructions, scope of repairs, insurance fraud, mitigation measures, replacement cost estimates, product liability, subrogation claims, repair/replacement designs, and expert witness testimony.

Our People:

The firm and several key personnel have worked on hundreds of Investigative Engineering projects throughout the region.

Senior Project Managers:
Senior Investigative Engineers: