Field Services

Field Services

The Alliance Field Services group includes technicians and inspectors who are highly trained and capable in providing Materials Testing, Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC), and Construction Monitoring Services. Our Field Technicians and Inspectors are trained and experienced and hold relevant state, local and federal certifications from nationally recognized organizations. Our personnel are trained/certified in the areas of ASTM, AASHTO, WVDOH, OSHA & MSHA standards and requirements for equipment usage and health and safety. Technicians and Inspectors perform various tasks under standard operating procedures to ensure integrity and that project quality is obtained. Operating procedures are guidelines from our Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Staff Scientists to provide careful direction to field personnel.

Our Services:

  • Construction Management and Monitoring
  • Materials Testing (Soil, Concrete, Grout, Asphalt, Aggregate, and Fire-Proofing)
  • Dam Inspections (Coal Refuse Impoundments, Freshwater Lakes)
  • Well/Piezometer Readings (Open standpipe and Pneumatic)
  • Pipe Inspection and Deflection Monitoring

Our People:

Field Services Supervisor:

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