Dam and Impoundment Related Services

Dam and Impoundment

Alliance offers a full range of dam safety related services that provide dam owners the technical support required for the safe management and operation of their dam structures. Inspection teams are available to assess dam conditions and engineers apply recent technologies coupled with innovative problem solving skills to arrive at efficient solutions for dam owners.

Our Services:

Investigation Services

Routine inspection teams, simplified checklist/reports, preventative action plans, incident investigations, and emergency catastrophic event teams.

Engineering Services

Dam design/analysis, dam rehabilitation/modifications, floor routing analysis, hydrology/hydraulic analysis/design, dam breach analysis, slope stability analysis, seepage analysis, geotechnical design, geotextile expertise, seismic response analysis, regulatory agency(s) approval, and computerized drafting.

Construction/Maintenance Services

Turnkey construction services, routine maintenance support, third party support, materials testing (soil, concrete, etc.), field modifications, budget/schedule monitoring, emergency repairs, construction management/construction, and monitoring/construction quality assurance.

Planning Services

Emergency action plans, facility development and implementation, testing programs, feasibility studies, permits/modifications, public hearings/relations support, regulatory agency(s) approval, and annual certification reports.

Financial Services

Cost estimates (construction and repair), economic impact studies, cost/value analysis, lending institution support, incident damage estimates, insurance claims and settlements, and subrogation/mitigation support.

Please contact Fred Vass with any questions you may have about our Dam Safety Services in the meantime at the following numbers

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